Web Development, SEO/PPC, Inbound Digital Marketing

I'm a web developer and in-bound digital marketing professional with about 17 years of experience building and optimizing websites. I mostly work behind the scenes for companies that don't have their own, in-house, developers or companies that need to temporarily add talent to meet project requirements. Over the past 17 years, I've built and optimized more then 200 websites. Those websites included everything from basic websites with a few pages, complex highly-customized websites and e-Commerce websites with 25 to well over 1,000 products.

What I Do...

Web Development

I have 15 years of experience building websites with HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Joomla and Shopify. I specialize in WordPress and Shopify development and have a lot of experience with customization and making different applications work together.

Digital Marketing

Code quality, page load speed, tagging, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer/https), htaccess configurations, PHP settings, responsive design, keyword research, analytics, email, ad and content copywriting, budget management, landing pages


I help people with technical problems and answer questions via email, phone, Skype or live chat. I spent four years teaching at the college level and can effectively communicate with just about anyone. I listen and keep explanations simple while avoiding unnecessary technical jargon.


"Tom has been great to work with over the past few years. Anytime I need something added, removed or fixed he's quick to do it. Our website has become great sales tool for Probell."

Dave Flory - Probell Racing Products