About Us

We build and manage websites for extremely small businesses. Our developers have more than 15 years of experience building modern, easy-to-navigate websites with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Content Management Systems, libraries and frameworks. We can quickly develop a website for your organization that will be easy to use and easy to find. Founded 2008, we've built more than 150 websites over the past 8 years for small retail businesses, non-profit organizations, musicians and bands, local service businesses, small cities and school districts. We have a refined development process designed to make building a website easy and fast.


We will build your organization a website that can be found by search engines, looks great, works great and is easy-to-use on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Our design style focuses on making key content easily accessible, maintaining fast page load speeds and including accessibility features for visitors with disabilities.


Good websites only stay that way with proper maintenance! We create new backups of all of our websites monthly, install software updates and security patches as they are released, and we implement our own, custom designed, security process that works behind the scenes to prevent malware and hacks. If there is a problem, we'll get your site back online ASAP.


Need something changed or added to the website? Email, call or send a text message with the changes and we will make them within 2 business days*. A site manager/developer will be assigned to your website and you will have their direct contact information. No hassles!

*Content changes can vary in scope. If it will take longer than 2 business days, we will provide a time estimate.

  • Our build process is simple and fast! It is designed to make developing a new website as easy as possible. We handle 90% of the work for you. All you will need to do is get us the content (text copy, logos, photos, and related business information). That's it!

    • Project planning meeting (Phone, Skype or Live Chat) with company founder and Lead Developer Tom Broadwater.
    • We will assign you a website manager/developer who will be responsible for development of your project as-well-as future maintenance and management.
    • Submit first month's payment and pick a base framework (with our help) - the work starts when we get that first month's payment.
    • You send us branding (logos, etc.), features you would like to have (from our features list) and any text copy you would like to have on the website (We can help with this).
    • At this point, we build the website (takes 2-3 weeks)
    • You will look at the website and let us know about any corrections.
    • We will make the corrections, let you take one final look and then your new website will go live!
    Contact Tom Broadwater with questions or to get started on a new project - Email Tom Here!
  • We automatically take care of any required maintenance activities, behind the scenes. Maintenance activities include:

    • Software updates
    • Security patches
    • Monthly backups
    • Malware and security scans.
    • Removing or repairing any irregularities identified by malware and security scans.
    • Automatically blocking access from risky IP's or geographic areas.
    • Site restoration from backups if necessary
    Contact Tom Broadwater with questions or to get started on a new project - Email Tom Here!
  • Everything is taken care of for you. Send content changes to your website manager/developer and they will make them ASAP.

    • Add/remove text content
    • Edit text content
    • Add/remove photo content
    • Add/remove video content
    • Edit site layout and design
    • Content formatting (Photo editing, etc.)
    Contact Tom Broadwater with questions or to get started on a new project - Email Tom Here!
  • A lot of places like to keep their fees a secret to get you on the hook (of course they claim it's so their competitors can't undercut them). We don't do that here. Our fee plan is as follows:

    • No initial up-front development fee
    • $175/month on-going fee (work starts when you make your first payment)
    • Initially, we require a 12-month commitment, to help cover the costs we incur building your website, but after that you'll automatically go to a month-to-month plan and can cancel anytime with 30 days email notice. No questions asked!
    • Every three years you'll get a free website refresh (design change.
    • Hosting fees are included
    • Note: We do NOT outsource ANYTHING to overseas developers. Everyone who works with TM Broadwater, LLC is US-based. Our reasonable fees are possible because of our system, not because of cheap labor.
    Contact Tom Broadwater with questions or to get started on a new project - Email Tom Here!

"Tom has been great to work with over the past few years. Anytime I need something added to the site, he's quick to do it. Our website brings in far more in revenue than we pay in fees. It has been a sales tool for Probell."

Dave Flory - Probell Racing Products